I'm sitting at my desk, editing these photos while bundled up in layers of clothing and blankets. 

It's that infamous Wisconsin winter that's set in and more fierce than many winters past. I often kid myself and tell Oliver that some winter, someday, we will live in a more temperate state. This, of course, is a fleeting complaint and one that Wisconsinites casually throw around, but we know this is


This Christmas was different than the others. It was the first time coming home for a string of days and staying in a house full of guests and dogs and happiness. Cooking alongside Mom. Running all over town catching up with friends from college, high school, kindergarten. Starting new traditions. Card games. Losers at cards on dish duty. Running around the woods like maniacs because we were bored. 

And carrying on old traditions. Like that Dickens Village display below that belonged to Grandpa Jim.

It was a good reunion. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones as well.