Today marks my husband Oliver's 26th birthday. 

We started the celebrations early last night with his favorite homemade meal (chicken pockets!) and I surprised him with donuts and breakfast at 6:00 am this morning before he left for work. I'm so happy that we are heading up north later today to spend the weekend celebrating with friends and family back home! There's nothing like getting to see all the people you love on your birthday. 

I'm not sure how to write anything here without it coming off as cheesy, but c'mon, it's his birthday after all! 

This man of mine is awesome to the core. I am so grateful to have him as my life partner. This second year of marriage has proved to be the most meaningful yet of all our years together, and I can only say that he has been so gracious and loving without divulging all the details. To have someone who sustains and leads our household, yet also puts so much effort into helping me work through a difficult and frustrating time in my personal life has meant so much to me. 

Thank you Oliver, for being so kind, gentle and loving to your wife. I know I make it difficult sometimes, which only speaks volumes about who you are. Thank you for working so hard for our family and for being so dedicated to your Lord and Savior. For having such unwavering faith, because I know it makes you who you are and how you lead us. Thank you for being my best friend and keeping me centered. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my love! Here's to many, many more birthdays together.