I am so happy to finally post these photos. I believe they are from the end of February when we went home for my birthday. 

I was waiting to buy Lightroom and a VSCO pack for a long time and am now able to edit everything I've shot since early 2014. So get ready for lots of posts. 

This is the house my husband grew up in and these are his parents. I love how people just walk into the house when they come over; no knocking. There's a sense of time slowing down, like there's no rush to get anywhere or do anything. It might have to do with the lack of internet in the house. Which is not lacking at all. 

Summer is the best. All the windows are open and there's a constant hum of birds and crickets. In winter, there is always a fire burning in the wood stove. 

I love how this house is filled with things people have made with their hands. Lots of photos, old games and toys and instruments. Art projects from when my husband and brother-in-law were in grade school. Home cooked meals made with loving hands. Furniture made by relatives who have passed on.

This house wouldn't be the same without the people who live here though. Oliver's parents have always been so generous with their time and resources. Always excited to talk to us and interested in what we're up to. Friends with our friends. Down to earth. Family is everything to them. 

One of the things I appreciate most about them is how they love to tell stories. I've learned so much about Oliver and his family and past generations and their town. It's a gift, really. Some of my favorite times have been when we're gathered in the kitchen or around the dinner table, going back and forth with this story and that, hitting every emotion in the book, but almost always ending with guffaws of laughter. 

I am glad I got to capture this day we had together.  

Thank you Rick and Tammy for letting me photograph your home and share it. You're always so supportive of our interests and it means so much.