We took off on a quick road trip to Blue Mound State Park this Memorial Day weekend.

Back in early spring, I saw photos of this place in my Instagram feed and hadn't forgotten about it since then. We packed a picnic and planned an afternoon of hiking and taking lots of pictures at the highest point of the state of Wisconsin.

The view was incredible. Our favorite was the west observation tower looking out to the south and west toward the Illinois and Iowa borders as well as the Mississippi River. 

I think we'll try to make it out again in autumn to see the colors. We thought of a neat idea to map out a plan to visit all the state parks in Wisconsin and document our experiences. Some would be close enough for a day trip, like Blue Mound, while others would take us clear across the state and we would visit a handful for a week or so. 

We'll see where that idea takes's fun to dream up plans at any rate! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend! HERE'S TO SUMMER 2014!

Our "Between Two Ferns" moment...