June 18th is one of my and Oliver's favorite days of the year. 

It's the day I asked him over the phone if he considered me his girlfriend (yes!) and three years later, it's the day he proposed to me on Lake Wingra. Every year since he proposed now, we celebrate by going out in a row boat on that lake. It's one of the best traditions we have!

We celebrated a couple days earlier than usual since the forecast predicted severe weather the rest of this week, so this is Lake Wingra pre-tornado weather for all you Wisconsinites. 

There's always so much I want to express on special events like this one, but I'm so horrible at it without coming off cheesy. So thank you to family and friends who've always supported our relationship, to God who brought us into each other's lives when we were both struggling, and to my husband Oliver. I love you and am so grateful for you; more than I could ever describe.  

Happy 6 years!