Last month, we headed up north to Oliver's parents' yurt in Upper Michigan. It had been years since Oliver and I were there last and I forgot how truly beautiful and rejuvenating it is. The yurt in Skanee is our little treasure.

We were fortunate to have good friends join us and share their company and conversation. Mornings were spent drinking coffee, reading, making plans for the day, and listening to the local radio station's weather forecast that measured rainfall by how high the "cricks" and rivers were. Afternoons were spent exploring and photographing the land and water. Evenings were spent making supper, playing guitar, and drinking good Wisconsin beer around the fire. 

I am amazed at the beauty of this place and how it awakens and brings out the best in anyone who steps foot here. I hope we'll always have it. Hope you enjoy these images. I suggest viewing them while listening to Fleet Foxes. It's pretty awesome.   

These images are from Lake Superior at the mouth of the Huron River, as well as Point Abbaye and Silver River Falls. Our dogs, Jake and Yukon, met a porcupine friend one night and we woke up to a nice surprise. If you've never seen a dog with porcupine quills in it's snout, it's quite the experience. Fortunately, we got all the quills out on our own without a vet.  

More images in part 2 next!