Last weekend, Oliver and I made a quick overnight trip up to the yurt. I hadn't been there yet in autumn and knew it would be worth the 6 hour drive from Madison to see the fall colors there. 

On the drive up, I was looking online for a tower or some high point that we could go to see a view of the trees. I discovered that Mount Arvon in Skanee is actually the highest point in Michigan! The beginning of the road up the mountain is near to the yurt, so we decided to go there first in case the good weather didn't last. 

The first photo is from the overlook at the top of Mount Arvon. The road was rough, but we made it just fine. 

There was a clearing on the way up Mount Arvon with a pond that was like glass. So beautiful. 

There was this mailbox at the top of Mount Arvon where visitors could sign their name and hometown into a logbook. We were surprised to find that there was an entry almost every day since July! We didn't see anyone but some loggers when we were on the mountain, so it seemed like no one ever went up there. 

The cabin!

Lake Superior.

The river next to the cabin was high from the rain we had all night.

Huron Road.

Funny story: Oliver and I were walking in the pits across the road and all of a sudden on the way out, we saw a couple walking toward us with their dogs. It turned out to be Bill, an old friend of Oliver's parents, and his girlfriend Carly. They were visiting for the weekend along with another old friend named Tim and his two boys. We had no idea anyone else was going to be up there and were sad that we had to leave only a few hours after everyone arrived. We had to get a photo of Bill and Oliver and Cosmo for old times' sake. It was great to meet everyone and finally put faces to the names I've heard before.