Upper Michigan Fall Color Roadtrip

Upper Michigan Fall Color Roadtrip

This summer and autumn have been the busiest I can remember...seems like every other weekend we were on the road traveling for a wedding, birthday, or vacation, but we seem to thrive on it. 

It only takes a few weeks before Oliver and I get the urge to hit the road, whether it's to visit family and friends or to get away and explore new places. This fall, we made our way to the family cabin in Upper Michigan and continued north to Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor, MI for one of the most spectacular views of the fall colors I've seen in person yet. 

I decided to film most of this trip and am so happy I did. There's nothing quite like video to really capture how a time and place feels. However, we still took a handful of photos and here are my favorites...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

I'll always remember this road trip and how magical it felt...



Bond Falls

Brockway Mountain

Red Jacket Brewing Co.

Keweenaw Brewing Company

Other photos taken around our cabin in Skanee, MI