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15 Moments from 2015

Beth Wright2 Comments
15 Moments from 2015

1. We celebrated my sister's wedding on a cold winter's night in Green Bay, WI. It was the loveliest day that kicked off the most eventful year for the Patten family. 

Photo by Lacy Landre.

2. After a year of looking for a job in Madison, I widened my search and was offered a position in Wausau. On a Wednesday night before we moved, we went out and visited all our favorite pubs and spots in downtown Madison. We got drunk, cried, and took a lot of pictures with our phones that no one ever saw. We said our goodbyes and relocated our life.

3. We recorded an interview together in April. It was a date idea to collect our own questions to ask each other and it turned out to be one of my favorite things we did this year. It's quite lengthy, but you can listen to it below if you care to have a peek into our relationship.

4. We celebrated my brother's wedding in Oshkosh, WI. Oliver and I stood up together and got to walk down the aisle arm-in-arm once more. It was one of the greatest times we've had in a very long time. 

5. We returned to Madison in June for the first time since we moved and visited all our favorite spots in one day. It was an exhausting and nostalgically wonderful day. The photo below is of the Memorial Union Terrace and this is the first time I've shared it with anyone. 

6. We discovered the Keweenaw Peninsula at the end of June with Oliver's parents. The moment I saw this view, I knew we had to come back in autumn. And we did. 

7. One of the benefits of relocating farther north in Wisconsin was that we were only 3 hours away from our cabin, compared to the 7 hours it was from Madison. We took full advantage and escaped to Lake Superior four times in 2015.  

8. We chose an apartment downtown in Wausau and enjoyed many events on the 400 Block. One thing that has surprised me about this town is the artistic presence here. 

9. On July 15th, Oliver came home from work and made one of my dreams come true. He changed his mind about something I had wanted to do back in 2012. This catapulted us into a different direction for 2016 and I am more excited/scared than I've ever been in my life. I took this photo when we went on a walk by our apartment, talking about everything, so I would never forget that day.

10. 2015 was the year we discovered how much we love traveling. We found a little haven called Bond Falls in Michigan, which we always visited on our trips to and from our cabin. 

11. Rib Mountain quickly became our favorite place in Wausau. In August, we went geocaching there and found our first cache. 

12. The second weekend of October, we road-tripped up the Keweenaw Peninsula to see the fall colors. I made the decision to film a video instead of taking just pictures and I'm so happy I did.  

13. Lots of traditions changed this year for the holidays. On one side, we started celebrating in a little chapel. It made me realize how fast time goes and that the most important thing is that family still comes together, no matter where. 

14. At the end of this year, I met and bonded with my niece Margaret Grace when she was a week old. No words can describe how I feel about her. 

15. I saw my first earnings from my website in November. I also received multiple offers to collaborate with other brands throughout 2015, but turned them down. For now, I am working hard at developing my brand and content, but it's exciting to get a glimpse of what's in store. 

Thank you for your encouragement in 2015. Every person deserves to find their "thing" they do in life and I've finally found mine. My only goal is to photograph my way through life and share it with others. 

Wishing you the courage and determination to pursue the life you want in 2016!