From the Cutting Room Floor | 001

From the Cutting Room Floor | 001

I'd like to start a new series where I can share the misfit photos I've taken. The ones that I especially like, but didn't seem to fit anywhere else. 

The term "cutting room floor" is used in the film industry as a figure of speech referring to unused footage not included in the finished film. Outside of the film industry, it may refer to any creative work unused in the final product. 

This particular photo was taken at Bond Falls on July 31, 2015.

We had stopped off on our way to Lake Superior to stretch and get our feet wet. The water here is always freezing cold, even in the summertime. The rocky bottom hurt our feet as we walked in to get closer to the falls. The light was perfect. 

From the season of sun-kissed skin, walking around barefoot, and playing in water every chance we get.